"USING LEARNING OUTCOMES", a publication from the CEDEFOP about the implementation of learning outcomes

The European Commission, in close cooperation with CEDEFOP and ETF publishes a series of notes "European Qualifications Framework Series" for the implementation of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) at national and European level.

The EQF is based on learning outcomes. It invites Member States to relate their national qualifications levels to the common reference levels of the EQF based on learning outcomes and to define all their individual qualifications in learning outcomes.

EQF Note 4: Using Learning Outcomes is based on discussions in the EQF Advisory Group and its subgroup, the Learning Outcomes Group. It systematically discusses how the learning outcomes approach is used for various purposes:
to define occupational and educational standards, individual qualifications, curricula and programmes, assessment specifications as well as qualifications levels.
The Note does not aim to define a single approach to learning outcomes. However, it seeks to suggest ideas and advice to policy makers and practitioners who are developing and using learning outcomes to various ends.